Dear Highly Sensitive Introvert or Empath,

Do you suffer from​​​​​​
overthinking and emotional distress?


   As a sensitive introvert, 

you have some awesome qualities...


-Deep thinking

-Powerful imagination
-Extraordinary empathy

-Extreme self-awareness

-A penchant for problem solving

-And the list goes on..

The truth is, you're amazing! 

Unfortunately, our culture praises extroversion and misunderstands introversion and Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

Because of this, and because of your powerful, introspective mind, you may OVERTHINK and end up feeling “less than.”

You criticize yourself much more than you celebrate your strengths and gifts.  Or, you don't recognize your value, and have low self-esteem.

You spend a lot of time ruminating over something that happened in the past, or that may happen in the future.  Then you feel anxious, ashamed, regretful, or fearful.

Oftentimes, you feel disturbed for days but you’re not sure why.  Other times, you feel overwhelmed with intense thoughts and emotions.

You love solitude to recharge and be in your own element, but you often feel lonely, sad, or disconnected from the world.

And your soul longs for meaning and purpose in your life, but you don't know what that looks like or how to find it.

Worst of all, people say to you, “You’re too sensitive,” or, “Don’t take things so personally.”  When this happens, you feel like you're damaged. 

You’re not alone!

Being a highly sensitive introvert in a culture that values extroversion far more than your own qualities isn't easy.  For me it was incredibly hard.  I wasn't even close to living the life I wanted.

That's why I created a method that helped me navigate life - that moved me from being stuck in a cycle of overthinking and negativity to an upward spiral of profound growth and genuine well-being.

I call this method The Emotional Wisdom System, or TEWS.

The Emotional Wisdom System - 1
An Online Course for Gaining Inner Peace and Confidence

Learn How to Use Your Sensitive Gifts to Turn Negative Thoughts and Feelings
into Profound Personal Growth and Well-Being in 6 Weeks 
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Why does the The Emotional Wisdom System work?

The Emotional Wisdom System works because it guides you through a specific emotion-focused problem solving method that harnesses, combines, and aligns all the dimensions of who you are with your Introverted Powers and holistic techniques to transform your distressful thoughts and feelings into insight, action, and personal growth.

The result is true clarity, inner peace, and self-worth.

And with this state of mind-body-soul, the possibilities are endless.  You'll be able to create the life you want. And more than that, the world will benefit from your compassion, wisdom, creativity, deep thinking, and kindness. 

What will the Emotional Wisdom​​​​​​
System help you with?  

How to banish overthinking, emotional pain, and low self-esteem

How to handle social interactions 

Conflicts about (not) socializing with family / friends

Conversing in a group, public speaking/leading

Being criticized, judged, dismissed, or undervalued 

Being maligned, taken for granted, or used/abused

Not being heard, understood, or appreciated

Being lonely and wanting a significant other in your life, even though you love being alone

Meeting new people or dating

Being rejected by someone / having to reject someone

How to become your highest and best self and attract the love you want

Dealing with pressure from work, school, or relationships

Wanting meaning and purpose in your life

Having perfection paralysis

​​​​​​​This online course will be offered in 2019. The lessons will include:

Audio and Video Recordings 
Watch new video lessons every day and listen to guided practice audio recordings.
Downloadable PDFs
Download PowerPoint slides, guides, blueprints, templates, tools, and action plans to help you keep on track, learn and practice the steps, and create and live the life you want.
Private Group Forum
Get access to a private group forum for questions, sharing, support, understanding, and encouragement from myself and others.
Join me in 

The Emotional Wisdom System - 1

An Online Course for Gaining Inner Peace and Confidence

Learn How to Use Your Sensitive Gifts to Turn Negative Thoughts and Feelings
into Profound Personal Growth and Well-Being in 6 Weeks

"For years, I have struggled with feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, feeling overwhelmed and drowned in social situations, and lacking a strong sense of self. I have read all sorts of self-help books, therapy, and even learned some life coaching techniques- and while all of these methods had some helpful information or insight, none of them resonated with me sufficiently or struck me deeply enough to make the breakthrough I was longing for.  The Emotional Wisdom System, and especially the personal touch of Julie, has provided me with a tool that allows me to think about the issues I face in a new, structured, easy to follow way. It lets me quickly deeply get to the root of the emotions I am feeling and access my innate inner wisdom to sort them out. It is an incredibly useful tool, which I continue to practice daily, as in any given situation it helps increase my self-understanding, self-compassion, and self-guidance. I cannot state enough how much I gained from the personal follow-up meetings with Julie. She is an incredibly kind, patient, compassionate, and wise mentor. I felt that she understood me, and helped me to understand myself- and I don’t exaggerate- better than anybody else I have ever spoken to. I strongly recommend this system to anyone who struggles with high-sensitivity, overwhelm, anxiety, sadness, lack of direction, and honestly just the opportunity to meet Julie and receive the wisdom and genuine care she has to impart, and help you impart to yourself going forward."     Michael M.

“Julie is a beautiful genuine soul; gentle, caring and sensitive which is reflected in what she does and shares. You can see her passion for her technique because she knows…how transformational and self-empowering it can be.”    -Anita D. Marshall, Soul Alignment Coach & Mentor

“… I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn how to manage their emotions and prepare themselves for success in life. Julie’s method is a brilliant and systematic process to improve one’s emotional intelligence, a much-needed aptitude for achieving personal fulfillment as well as success in today’s world of work...”   – Eric S., Regional Manager of IT Sales and Products

 “…It was awesome and helpful!!  These steps helped me deal with my emotions in a positive way.  I didn’t know how to handle my emotions well; I was always aggressive when I felt negative emotions.  Now, I can be calm and positive.  Belly Breathing helps me a lot.“    -Marjorie A.

 “…I think these steps would help others by building a relationship with yourself and trusting your inner being with your feelings and dealing with problems...”    -Kayla M.

 “…I learned so much from this [workshop]! From the importance of being aware of our feelings and managing them to learning how to meditate and look at things differently by doing the 6-step process taught in class.  Better coping with or addressing our emotions helps in relationships whether personal, at work, or just social interactions and to feel at peace with one self also. Because I found this class to be extremely beneficial for me as a student, I think it would greatly help other students specially when offered at this time of the year where we are close to finals and everyone is stressing about so many things. I loved the meditation and expressing our feelings through art work, I think that helped me so much because initially I walked in the room very stressed thinking about all that I have to do and when I walked out of the room, I felt totally relieved and a lot more calm.  Thank you so much for this opportunity!”     -Student

"…This [workshop] gives good tools to center your mind before you act in haste.  [It showed me] how to evaluate myself in a stressful situation before I moved or took action.  Relaxation, breathing, body scanning and create boundaries!...”   -Student

 “…I loved everything about this workshop, from the information given to me, the meditation, to the art work and all the activities! I loved it! I learned the importance of being aware of your feelings in order to work on them.  I also learned the importance of meditating, as this can help one feel a million times better!...”     -Student

 “…The first time I did the activities, I thought they were the stupidest and silliest ideas ever, but after I did them when I was really angry, it really helped me to calm down.  I think it’s a really great idea to make your own self happy, especially when there is no one around to tell you what to do...”     

"...I liked this because it helped me with built up emotions, things I could not let go or open up about.  This helped me to see and know how to deal with them and how I can express myself..." 

"...If you're serious about connecting with yourself spiritually and emotionally, practice the steps and see what it can do for you.  For me personally, I was able to address some deep feelings that were long overdue and learn how to forgive more easily..."

The Emotional Wisdom System

An Online Course for Gaining Inner Peace and Confidence


Learn How to Use Your Sensitive Gifts to Turn Negative Thoughts and Feelings
into Profound Personal Growth and Well-Being in 6 Weeks